My 24 Hour Focus Plan – It’s tax time!

My 24 Hour Focus is only 3 days away. I hope you made a quick plan to focus on your finances between Saturday and Sunday. Well my Sunday will be busy so Saturday it is.

For years I’ve filed my Tax return late even though I usually had a refund. Why wait especially when you expect a refund! Letting the government keep your money at no interest and worse yet out of your use is not the best option.

So I ordered Turbotax ( home and business for $74.95. You can download it immediately for Mac or PC. I’ve used this for years so I’m stuck on it but there are free Federal tax filing programs that then charge you for state filing. (eg.

FreeTaxUSA: File your federal and state taxes in as little as 30 minutes. (DIsclosure: I get paid when you use this link.)

Then I gathered up all the W2s. Your employer should have provided this by the end of January. If you own a home with a mortgage those related statements should be here too. Next, since I have my own business, I gathered up my receipts so I could start tabulating them on Saturday.
I should have used an accounting package; well that’s a focus for another day.

Voila. I’m ready for National Family Financial Planning Day!
I will complete my taxes, file them electronically and hopefully receive my refund in 5 to 7 days!

What will you and your family do on your day?

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